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Hi, welcome to our website and thank you for reaching out.

Let us introduce you to our Company. We are a pure play in the market. We focus on technology transfer and venture capital. So passionate and dynamic on what we do that the world is our lab!

Please find below a sample of what we do, in a snapshot;

-Direct/indirect investments of time, energy, money into research outputs, technologies, patents, equity.

-Knowledge/research results & patents valorization.

-Value creation through proof-of-concepts, industrial research applications, technology transfer, IP licensing and spin-off ventures.

-Design, strategy, boost and implementation of new ventures, technology-driven products, innovative business models and new lines of business.

-Hands-on support to researchers, universities, research institutions, and innovative entrepreneurs in their seed, start-up, scale-up and growth strategies.

-Interim management and consulting services in marketing, financing and M&A transactions.

-Advice on strategic innovation, disruptive change, product upgrade, turnaround of mature businesses.

-Promotion and enhancement of creative know-hows and design-intensive businesses.

-Advice to institutional investors in the creation and management of financial/business infrastructures.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to know any further, learn how we can bring value into your own domain and have a feel of how much we can build and boost together

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